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Updates from a Snow Covered English Acres

January sure is a quiet time here on the farm. No vegetables to tend, no broiler chickens to feed, just the laying flock to take care of and eggs to collect. I have had a little time to teach myself some new skills in the kitchen, such as fermenting my own vegetables for a natural probiotic boost, and I have been able to find some extra time to sit by the wood stove and look through seed and poultry catalogs, planning and preparing for another busy season.

Through the winter we continue to have eggs available. You may notice the yolks are a less intense yellow-orange. Rest assured our hens are still out and about hunting, pecking, and eating bugs, and still receiving an organic non-GMO feed- they just find a lot less green to eat! The green matter is what gives the yolks such a startling color. I’m sure the hens are looking forward to the lush clover of spring!

I am currently accepting freezer meal clients, so if you are interested be sure to check out my menu and feel free to contact me with questions. I love helping others to serve their family nutritious meals, whether its 3 meals a month, 20, or anything in between!

I am consistently at Innate Chiropractic in Perrysburg Tuesday and on a delivery route in BG Wednesday, so let me know what I can bring you. If you are along my current delivery route, I am happy to drop off your order or I can meet you at my central pick-up point.

Thank you again for your continued support!


chickens on the farm

Chicken, Eggs and Apples

Thank you to everyone for making our first chicken processing day a success! It was a little hectic, and we definitely learned how to make things go more smoothly at pick-up next time, but in the end everyone ended up with delicious chicken and we are so excited to have shared this experience with you all!

Our garden has really slowed down this last week, and we are using most everything in our clean convenience meals. So thank you for your produce bag purchases this season and stay tuned for details on our produce options for next season.

Our hens are doing well, and we have eggs available for $5/dozen. They are pastured and supplemented with organic non-gmo feed. Amazing taste and nutrition that you can’t get in the grocery store!

This week I also have a limited supply of organic apples for $2/lbs. They are a heritage variety with a crisp texture and sweet-tart flavor. They make great sauce, pies and apple crisp (just ask my kids!) and are also delicious to just eat!