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Produce, Eggs and Chicks, Oh My!

I can’t believe it, but the feeling of an impending fall season has arrived! I love how every season not only feels, but sounds different. In the spring, I am so excited to here the spring peepers. Summer nights are rich with the sounds of crickets and tree frogs, and the last week or so, the cicadas bring the sound of summer’s end. I love living in a place with so many seasons that we can see, feel and hear. There is always something new and fresh to experience.

With the impending change of season, we had our last delivery of broiler chicks for the season. Northwest Ohio winters are much too harsh to raise chickens outdoors, so this will be our last batch until spring. These guys should be ready in early October; stock up your freezers for winter!.

I am VERY excited to announce that the hens are upping their laying QUICKLY and I have eggs to sell! RIght now they are $4/dozen, since some of them are still a little small. Each dozen has a beautiful mix of shapes, sizes and colors from our very diverse flock. It is lots of fun to see what you get in each carton!

We also have some delicious produce available this week at $25 for each share bag:
1 pound Green Beans
1 pint Cherry/grape/pear tomatoes
1 box slicing tomatoes
1 bunch sweet onions
1 green pepper OR summer squash
1 bunch carrots
1 bunch herbs (let me know if you would like extra for drying, I have lots and would be happy to share the bounty!)

Pick up available at 4:45 at Innate Chiropractic in Perrysburg, Wed. 2-4 in BG or anytime at the farm. Or, as usual, if you know our paths will cross let me know and we can arrange something!

Thank you for your continued support!


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